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The TRUTH About

Digital Marketing

🚩Most Med Spa Marketing Agencies

DON’T Know How To Run Ads🚩

It’s true… Most of the new Marketing Agencies don’t know anything about running ads… And they know even less about Med Spas.

Many of them joined a “How To Start A Marketing Agency” course and think they are qualified to help.🙄

Sure – they pop in with some “great offer” and trick a bunch of Med Spas into joining their program… But it doesn’t take long before people like you realise that their company is full of 💩

So – if you’re looking for help with your marketing, you’ve got a few choices.

Option 1

Learn how to run your ads yourself. Usually not ideal since it can take several months of training and constant upkeep to maintain.

Option 2

Sign on with some "Dollar-General brand" Med Spa Marketing Agency that will get subpar results with their low level skillsets.

Option 3

Work with the largest Med Spa Growth Agency in the world that has helped TONS of Clinics. Use our PROVEN systems and Techniques and leverage our team of marketing geniuses with over $1M in advertising experience.

Dear Med Spas,

Aestheticians & Cosmetologists...

Just 2 short years ago I founded Astra Digital, a Marketing Growth Agency dedicated to helping Med Spas, Aestheticians, and Cosmetologists MASSIVELY grow their clinics & make positive impacts within their communities.

With our amazing community of Med Spas and Aesthetician thought leaders and our abundance of A.I. driven technology, it’s no wonder our clients are the most successful in the industry.

And while other companies can make poor imitations of our products, there is only 1 company that has proven to be innovative and has stood the test of time in this fast-paced digital world.

So – for any provider out there, ready to take their clinic to the next level, I’d like to invite you to meet with me personally.

I would love the opportunity to meet with you and learn about your clinic and unique services to see how my Marketing team can help grow your practice and guarantee results.

Talk soon,


Astra Digital makes it easy for your Clinic to generate
High-Quality leads automatically and reduce time spent

chasing them down. Our system takes care of all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on providing life-changing care to your community.

Atlas Digital Makes it easy for your Practice to generate
High-Quality leads automatically and reduce time spent chasing them down. Our system takes care of all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on providing life-changing care to your community.

We Don’t Believe In The

"One Size Fits All" Marketing Approach

Like The Other Guys...

Tons of Marketing Agencies only offer easy to create, templated marketing plans for their clients. This means that nothing is customized, and they are using all of the same content for ALL of their clients.

We believe that is LAZY and ultimately not in the best interest of our clients. 😒

That’s why we DON’T cut corners, and give each of our clients a unique marketing strategy to fit their individual markets.

Every Clinic that we bring on will have a “Marketing Strategy” call with their Dedicated Account Manager.

During that call we will dive deep into your unique marketplace and identify the best strategy to drive tons of new patients to your practice.

Additionally, our Elite Ads Specialist will build fully customized campaigns that are specifically branded for your practice. Everything is custom tailored to drive the highest engagement and build brand recognition in your community.

What Happens

After Your First Month?

Unlike those other guys – we don’t believe in tricking Clinics into some crazy contract. I firmly believe that it is

our responsibility to earn your business. Month-after-month. So after your first month working with us, you can

stay or leave. Totally up to you. No tricks.

And we are able to do this because we are so confident in our ability to provide the best results in the industry

that we don’t need to trick people into contracts. Our clients CHOOSE to work with us every single month because

they know we get them the highest-quality results available.

That’s Why Our Clients

Only Pay When They Get Results...

Most Agencies charge INSANE monthly retainers for marketing. This means that even if you get poor results, you are still paying that marketing agency the RIDICULOUS retainer.

It just doesn’t seem fair that you would have to pay for uncertain results.

So we decided to keep our retainer VERY LOW and work off a Pay-Per-Patient system. This means, that you’ll pay us is when we ACTUALLY deliver New Patients. 💯

And this means that our company is in perfect alignment with your practice.

The only way our business can grow is if YOUR business grows.

Since our company is hyper incentivized to grow your practice, we leverage every method of marketing available, including “free” advertising methods, including email and text marketing.

Our team is well versed in several marketing platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, TikTok, etc… Which means that we know EXACTLY where your audience is, and EXACTLY how to turn them into patients walking through your door.

Here's some stuff

Referral Program

Here's some stuff

Get £200/month for

every friend you refer-

for as long as they are

with us. No

maximum or limits.

Ex. Your friend stays with us for 6 months and you’ll get

£1200 altogether.




So... What's Included?

Start For FREE, With our Reactivation Campaign.

 🆓We’ll help you reactivate old clients and get them back through the door for treatment again.

Access to Dedicated Account Manager.

 🤝Get full access to our team. Whenever you have questions talk to a person that knows everything about your practice and marketing strategy.

Ads ran by ELITE Ads Specialist.

 🔊Our team of Marketing Genius’ have spent $1M on ads. They are the best the industry has to offer. We don’t let inexperienced people gamble with your marketing here.

High-quality & High-volume lead generation.

 📈Your practice will undoubtable grow faster than ever.

Access to our Appointment Setters.

💯You get full access to our professional team of appointment setters trained specifically in the med spa niche to give your leads the best customer service and to upsell them on higher ticket packages!

Branded & Custom tailored ads.

 💯All of our ads are made to your specifications.

Pipelines built to suit YOUR business needs.

 📊Whatever your patient journey looks like, we will create a fully customized pipeline to match it. Your team will operate more efficiently than ever before.

Access to our CUSTOM lead generation software.

 ➡️You get private access to our custom proprietary lead generation software that automatically follows up with leads.


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